December 26, 2007

age: 16

location: bedroom

They never call. Even when you end the conversation with “call me” and they respond “definitely”, they still never call. Oh, it kills me that he said definitely. That denotes an absolute. I guess, what are words really but either truths or lies and no way of telling which is which.

age: 27

location: Paris

I associate happiness with electronic music. I do not cut myself to feel or throw my emotions into artistry or push myself through some physical activity that overbears any internal emotion. I drunkenly dance to DJs in bars and surround myself with others doing the same. We come together, we take off our clothes, we consume alcohol. We become friends, animalistic but not beastly. It is a happiness that does not need to prove itself through a smile.

Dressing in neon, the lights flash throughout the club as I vent through movement. A contrast is created of pitch black and a bright stream of light. Come to think of it, I find that the direction of humanity was solidified when artificial light was created. No longer did we have to follow what was natural. We could do as much as we created.


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  1. Doc Syntax said

    I enjoy reading your site, your prose entries like cornucopias of American life dwindled down into scenes of deep introspection and pathos.

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